Smile A While And Give Your Face A Rest.Raise Your Hand To The One You Love The Best,Then Shake Hands With Those Nearby,And Greet Them With A Smile!”


This nursery rhyme describes the resilience that children often display as they smile through happy times and the not so happy times,raising their hands with unconditional love towords those who care.


Smile A While Therapy Services is an outpatient pediatric clinic located in Mount Vernon, NY. We are conveniently located minutes away from the Bronx, New Rochelle, Pelham, Bronxville and Yonkers.

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At Smile A While. we offer quality therapeutic services for children
who have been diagnosed with varying conditions. including
neurological impairments. autism. developmental delays.
genetic disorders, ADHD. handwriting challenges. dyslexia, gross
and fine motor difficulties. speech delays. traumatic brain
injuries. and other physical or cognitive deficiencies that impair a
child’s ability to optimally function.


We have a fully-equipped sensory gym to provide
your child with the best in therapeutic services.
We use the most recent evidence-based
treatments that have been shown to imgrove and
maintain function within Occupational, hysical.
and Speech therapies

As a caregiver/ parent for a child with special needs. you want to be able to provide them with all they need to achieve success in their own right. Therapists at Smile A While work collaboratively with caregivers to help them thoroughly understand their child’s diagnosis and therapeutic treatment plan. Caregivers can take comfort in knowing that we at Smile A While have a family-centered approach to treatment that starts in our clinic and continues with you at home.

Interested In Becoming A Part Of Our Team?

We are currently looking for COTA’s, SLP, and PT as independent contractors for clinic based Pre-School cases. If you are interested please call and schedule an in- person meeting. Bring the completed application along with all other required documents to the meeting. (Please click the link below for the application)

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